ISAAC stands for Integrated e-Services for Advanced Access to Heritage in Cultural Tourist Destinations (EU project contract number FP6-IST-2006-035130). Its mission is to promote the diversity and wealth of European cultural heritage by increasing the interest of tourists and citizens in visiting and experiencing European cultural tourist destinations and their riches, in both virtual and real terms.

The project's specific aim is to develop a novel user-friendly and user-relevant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Platform, which offers rich and integrated electronic services and contents for the benefit of different categories of users such as tourists, local residents, decision-makers and managers before, during and after a real visit of cultural sites and objects in urban tourist destinations.

As a result, ISAAC will support the building of a multi-stakeholder community of private and public stakeholders - destination and business managers, IT providers, citizens and tourists - for experiencing and managing European cultural heritage in tourist localities. This will also help building the European identity by creating awareness and empathy for local heritage and amenities.

The Consortium team comprises of fourteen European institutions that collectively employ a wide spectrum of expertise in digital heritage, culture, tourism, and urban research, development, and policy, required by its multidisciplinary nature. Together they also reflect the needs and interests of the main stakeholder groups - city and destination decision-makers, tourism and heritage managers, tourists and the citizens.

Links to ISAAC city prototypes:

ISAAC case studies descriptions are now available
- City of Genoa »

The ISAAC Project aims to enhance the relationship between digital heritage and cultural tourism through a novel Information Communication Technology (ICT) environment that will provide integrated and user-friendly tourism e-services facilitating virtual access to European cultural heritage assets.